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Don’t worry — we are here to help. You have several options:

1) If you can, please describe the component assemblies of your lab kit using the tool below. Click “Add Assembly” to get started. Each assembly can include as many fittings and as much tubing as your kit demands. Just click the “Add Fitting” or “Add Tubing” button for each new piece. When you need to add a new component assembly to your kit, click “Add Assembly” again. There is no limit to the number of assemblies in a kit.

2) Use the Additional Notes box to describe your lab kit with as many details as you can provide.

3) Click the Request a Quote button now. A member of the KLT team will contact you to discuss your lab kit needs, and together we will create the assembly your project needs.

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We pride ourselves on the custom nature of our products, and can be of assistance to your project from concept to completion. If you can, please use the Additional Notes field below to describe your project and/or kit.

Please include any information that would help us better understand your lab kit, such as a description of the configuration or any components not otherwise described.

If you do not use the Additional Notes field to describe the configuration of your assembly, we will not be able to provide you with our most accurate quote.

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