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About Us

Kitted Lab Technologies™ (KLT™) began as a Specialty Division of Ultrafab, Inc., supplying seals and cleaning brushes to the medical research community.

Headquartered in Farmington, NY, the focus of KLT™ has always been developing partnerships with our customers; allowing us to utilize over fifty years of manufacturing and engineering development experience. This experience and drive allow us to find the optimal solutions to customer needs.

It was the need of a customer that drove the initial crossover into the assembly and development of custom kitted tubing assemblies in 2012. These bio-reactor kits are made to our customers exacting specifications; saving valuable time in the lab. Since that time, we have continued to resolve issues experienced by research laboratories and strive toward innovation.

MXC³ color coded caps

MXC³ Color Coded Cap System

KLT™ has introduced to market our patent pending Media Transfer Color Coded Cap (MXC³) System, solving bio-reactor closure assembly issues. These sterile, individually packaged cap assemblies have been a resounding success in the laboratories of our customers and have quickly become THE preferred cap system among the labs that we service.

Along with the success of our MXC³ and custom tubing kit assemblies, KLT™ is ISO 9001 certified and is striving toward GMP certification. We assemble and manufacture our products in and ISO Class 9 Cleanroom and can offer our products as individually packaged and sterile when required. KLT™ is dedicated to providing world class products, innovative engineering design assistance and unrivaled customer service to the medical research community.

It is our promise to provide high quality, customizable laboratory solutions while cultivating partnerships; ensuring satisfaction through maximized efficiencies and risk reduction.

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